Having found out that I had won a place on what was the company’s incentive trip last year,

Top employees were chosen to go on a trip of a lifetime as a well done and thank you for the hard work

I was incredibly excited. It was a week in Mauritius, with lots of activities planned, exploring the island, spa days, lots of good food and drink, it really was one for the books, and for instagram.

In amongst the excitement leading up to the trip, I felt a little anxious. This was a week away from home, a very long way away – a 12 hour flight to be exact. I had never ventured so far before and I certainly had never been on a 12 hour flight. On top of this anxiety, I was also exhausted. I had come out on the other side of a long, busy year. I had slightly over worked myself and even though I had taken some days to relax, I just couldn’t shake the tiredness.

The overwhelming feeling was joy, I had worked so hard and this is an incredible opportunity to have been given. Was I going to turn it down? Heck no.

I thought to myself, get organised, take the things that give you comfort, but most of all get ready to have the best trip. With that, I made a list, found my case and started to pack.

The night before the flight, I took a bath and used my favourite bath bombs. I washed and blow-dried my hair, in a bid to feel my best. I put on a face mask, had an early night to ensure I got plenty of sleep.

Tip #1: get as much rest as possible, in the comfort of your own bed, before you spend time away.

The day of the flight arrived, I put on my comfy joggers, my other half’s hoodie and made my way to the airport.

Tip #2: give yourself enough time to commute to the airport, check in and get through security.

Getting through check-in and security was a breeze, I was hopeful that this was a sign of what was to come. With a couple of hours to spare, we settled into the airport lounge. This was refreshing, we dropped our bags, relaxed and enjoyed a couple of drinks (mines a gin and tonic). It was the perfect way to start the journey ahead. I felt relaxed, refreshed and ready for the flight.

Tip #3: breathe. Take a couple of minutes to compose yourself, breathe, take it in and get ready for the adventure.


In flight essentials:

⁃ Sleep mask

⁃ Headphones

⁃ Fluffy socks (to get even more cosy)

⁃ Favourite audiobook

⁃ Playlist of favourite songs

⁃ Face wipes

⁃ Moisturiser

⁃ Lavender spray

⁃ My favourite small blanket or scarf to use as a cover up (I get cold on planes)

Here are a few snaps from the trip📸:


Soph x

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