Whether for work, or for a break, I often find myself having to spend a night away from home. It’s not something I get excited for, I’m a home person. I love my house, my own bed and the comfort I get in knowing I have my medicine to hand. I have to admit, I have found myself ‘face palming’ because I realised that I forgot to pack my tablets. A absolute disaster for someone with an autoimmune disease. In all honesty, it is the little things like this that can make going away stressful.

For me, the key to eliminating the ‘packing’ stress is to prepare. I find that early organisation, outfit planning and smart packing really really helps.

Firstly, make a list of everything you need, you are less likely to forget something by using a list. You can then keep that list in your bag, to refer back to when you are getting ready to return home.

Secondly, if you have time to plan your activities or think about what you will get up to whilst away, you have a better idea on the sorts of outfits to take. I try to challenge myself to not over pack – where I can mix and match items, I will. Let’s face it, who wants to be carrying a heavy bag for just one night?

Thirdly, make sure you have time to pack your bag, neatly. You don’t want to be rushing at the last minute.

Last but not least, pack something small that comforts you. You will thank yourself later on.

#1. Be organised, think about the trip – where are you going? What activities will you do? Do you need any changes of clothes? Ask yourself these questions, make sure you are covered for everything that you need.

#2. Pack smart, if you can plan your outfits you will be able to pack less, your bag will be lightweight and you should be able to get everything into one bag.

#3. Separate your items, gather your toiletries into one small cosmetics bag, put your tablets into another, any hair styling items into another. I like to use clear cosmetics bags as it is easy to pick out and see what you have. By separating these sort of items you will create more space in your bag and reduce the risk of any spillages onto your clothes or valuables.

I don’t want to list item by item, everything I pack for a night away because that’s a little mundane. But the steps mentioned above do help me to prepare, I feel more relaxed and ensures I am ready to go.

A home away from home, my comforters:

⁃ a hot water bottle

⁃ calming room spray

⁃ sleep mask

⁃ after shower body dust

⁃ my favourite pjs

⁃ lounging in fluffy robes


Soph x

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