This is a short and snappy post on the blog this week.

I’m sat here on a sunny Sunday evening, on my sofa at home following a lazy day. A much needed pyjama day to say the least. Crohn’s has gotten to me this week, I’m exhausted. Taking time out is important, having the time to relax is the best thing you can give to yourself when you experience a flare.

Usually a lazy day, or a hot water bottle (for pain management), or a hot bath is my go to when it comes to ‘me time’. But sometimes you just have to change it up a little.

I have been thinking about different ways to reduce anxiety, stress and to genuinely feel better. I thought about how spending time outdoors, appreciating my surroundings and getting fresh air does exactly that.

Getting some fresh air is said to:

⁃ Give you energy

⁃ Clear your mind

⁃ Lower blood pressure

⁃ Help with digestion

⁃ Strengthen the immune system

Note to self: get outdoors more.


What helps you to reduce the stress, and to take time out? Let me know.


Soph x

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