The title of this post is one of my favourite quotes. It is a powerful encouragement that keeps me motivated everyday.

Living with an autoimmune disease such as Crohn’s I find is a balance of risk and reward. I can push hard and risk a flare or being caught up with a cold/infection/illness but I can also be rewarded with simply having a good day to live life. My career is very much risk and reward, I feel as though my journey with Crohn’s is aligned with my career. Lots of highs, lots of lows. My motivation, tenacity and strength is used every day in work as they are used everyday in my fight with Crohn’s.

I work in a high pressure environment and we all know what stress can do to someone with an autoimmune disease, but I’m not one to quit when the going gets tough. I carry on, sometimes I steam ahead and some days I plod along but I do whatever I can to end each day feeling like I’ve accomplished something. This is a simple concept but is so important to me.

Your career/work/job/passion is apart of you, it is one area that defines you. It might be something we take for granted but we should explore the fact that it gives us an escape, something to work towards. There are rough days, there are good days and there are indifferent days. But remember:

⁃ you are enough,

⁃ you are doing your best

⁃ you are incomparable

⁃ you can do whatever you put your mind too

⁃ we are in this together

Get up, dress up and never give up 📸:

What words of encouragement do you have?


Soph x

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