It might be June but it certainly doesn’t feel like it is summer time here in the UK. Neither will it feel very summery in Iceland – my next trip. Here I am, packing thick wool jumpers, thermal layers, coats and hats into my suitcase in preparation for a trip to Reykjavik.

I’m judging myself for the amount of new jumpers I’ve brought, when I feel like I should be stocking up on summer dresses.

The average temperature for Iceland in June is around 10 degrees (celsius), not too cold. But they do say that you can experience all four seasons in one day when in Iceland.

I always, always over think my packing situation. Do I have enough outfits to suit every occasion? Have I packed enough toiletries? What is my go-to hair style, do I need all types of hair styler?

I’m not going to lie, I always go overboard for a summer holiday. Yet, this feels like a whole other game, I’m visiting somewhere cold, not hot.

I’m not one to be able to go out in just a t shirt, whatever the weather. I have to make sure I’m warm enough, if I feel cold I go into shut down. So to be going to a cooler climate, is a little stressful. I’m constantly thinking about what sorts of clothing items do I need to make sure I feel like I have covered all bases.

The physical task of packing a case is easy. It’s the organisation, thought and preparation that makes it much more complex – for me anyway. To help get organised, I created a list of outfits, and outfits that I can turn from day to night. From jeans and jumper combos to dresses and tights. Not to mention my coats/waterproofs.

I have split my clothing into three areas:

1. Jeans, jumper and walking boots.

2. Gym leggings, hoodies and trainers.

3. Dresses, tights and boots.

Then, I look at what toiletries I need for the duration, and pack these in separate clear pouches so that everything is easily accessible. Once again, I split these out:

1. Medication and first aid kit.

2. Makeup and dental/skincare.

3. Hair care.

Once the case is packed, I always re-check my list. At the last minute I always remember to pack any electronics and chargers. I zip the case, lock it and get ready to enjoy the adventure.




Soph x

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