Day 1.

Wake up call: 3am

Feeling very tired, 3am is not a great time to be awoken. Weary eyed and in need of a cup of tea I made my way down to the Crowne Plaza hotel lobby at Manchester airport. I’m finally getting to experience a bucket list destination and go on my first real adventure of 2019.


Flight departure: 6:30am.

Flight time: 2hr20

Arrival time: 8am (Iceland time)

Fresh off the plane, the crisp cold wind and the fresh Icelandic air was a nice welcome. It was 10 degrees, the sun was out to highlight Iceland’s countryside as we ventured from the airport towards Reykjavik. I cannot describe how excited I was to be in this country, the beauty is within the views of lava fields for miles around you. The excitement didn’t end there though, we were heading towards the Blue Lagoon to start the trip.

Located on the route to Reykjavík and sitting in a lava field is the Blue Lagoon. It is a man made geothermal spa, which is breathtaking, relaxing and looks even more beautiful than in all the instagram photos I’ve seen. To be able to fully relax after the early start was a good move.

A lot of people have questioned whether experiencing the Blue Lagoon is worth it because it is costly and it is full of tourists. I cannot deny, it is expensive and it is a tourists spot. But, is it worth it? YES.

It is not everyday that you get to relax in water full of salts, minerals and silica, which gives it the unique colour. You have to embrace it, after all it is one of the wonders of the world.

Once you have checked in to the Blue Lagoon, you can relax for as long as you want to. With your entry you get a drink included and a mud mask bar. The water is warm and is a stark contrast to the outside temperature. The sense of relief, the way the water makes you feel like it is single handily lifting a weight off your shoulders is priceless. I always find that hot water always does wonders for my stress levels – and this was no exception. It was something very special for me.

As a group we donned the mud masks, swam around to explore the site and chatted between ourselves. We felt rejuvenated, ready for more adventures.

Of course, I respect everyone’s opinions and if this isn’t a place that you want to spend your money on, there are plenty of other experiences that you can immerse yourself in during a trip to Iceland. More is to follow but for now, here are some of my favourite photos from day 1:



Soph x

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