Day 2.

Wake up call: 8am

Breakfast: 8:30am

Awake, ready for the day I made my way down to breakfast. It was going to be a long, busy day and I wanted to ensure I had enough fuel. I knew what was on the agenda for day 2 but I was not prepared for such a fun filled day. We were going on the Golden Circle tour, followed by snowmobiling in the afternoon.

I have to admit, with it being the Icelandic summer and with temperatures at 12 degrees during the day, I really didn’t think we would get to snowmobile. I hadn’t seen any snow since we had landed, I thought no way – it’s too warm for that.

Following breakfast we made our way outside to the front of the hotel. I didn’t expect to be greeted with 4 monster truck style vans. I was super excited, this was the best way to see Iceland – off road!

The Golden Circle is a tourist route in southern Iceland. On the route you get to explore the Pingvellir national park, the Gullfoss waterfall and the Geysirs. The national park presents the opportunity to walk between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates – it is beautiful scenery. The Geysirs however were a little shy and I think we expected more from them.

To break away, we stopped at Fridheimar Farm where we tasted the Icelandic tomato soup. To be completely honest, I was also underwhelmed by the tomato farm – tomato soup isn’t my favourite thing but I gave it a go.

Fed, watered and rested it was time to up a notch on the excitement scale. We drove further into the Icelandic countryside, along dirt tracks until we made it to the snowmobile base. In the distance we admired the glacier, and there was snow! This made everyone even more excited as we all took a moment to realise what we were about to do.

We got dressed up into overalls, gloves and helmets, and hopped onto our own snowmobiles. We were racing around Iceland’s second largest glacier. How cool is that? I’ve snowmobiled on a glacier. It was exhilarating.

Disclaimer: I was petrified. It took me a while to enjoy and to appreciate the snowmobile because they scared the heck out of me. They were difficult to steer and the acceleration was sensitive, the slightest touch and the snowmobile would speed ahead.

We were on the glacier for a little over an hour, before heading back to base to unwind and grab a drink. The fun didn’t stop there though, as the van ride back was full of laughter and the worst karaoke singing ever. We were all done for the day, but it is certainly a day that I won’t forget.

During day 2 I lived my best life. 📍🇮🇸📸:


Soph x

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