Day 3.

Wake up call: 8am

Breakfast: 8:30am

Activities: whale watching and lava tunnel exploring.

Following a late night in Reykjavik, and on very little rest, my alarm woke me from a deep sleep. I felt extremely tired, my arms ached from the snowmobiles on day 2 and I was considering to taking the day out to rest up. But how could I do that when another exciting day was here?

We had whale watching planned for the morning, followed by an afternoon exploring a lava tunnel. This meant getting out and about again to see more of the Icelandic coastline and countryside.

Approaching the harbour, we spotted our boat. Aboard I picked up a cup of tea and walked around the boat. It was cold, the wind was blowing and I could only imagine it was about to get even colder. I zipped up my coat, wrapped my scarf around me and put on my hat and had my gloves at the ready. It’s June and I’m dressed like it’s the middle of winter – the Iceland weather is really strange.

The whale watching tour lasted 3 hours, we sailed out to sea and along the way we spotted puffins and dolphins. The whales were a little shy to begin with. But my day was made when I saw a dolphin swim close to the bow of the ship. I didn’t manage to snap a photo as they were too quick and frankly I wanted to enjoy the moment. Sometimes you have to put down the phone, take in your surroundings and simply enjoy that moment in time. This tour was my chance to do exactly that.

As we began to head back to the harbour we caught a glimpse of the Minke whale. I honestly thought the tour guide was pulling a joke, referencing ‘Minkeh’ – Mrs Hinch’s cleaning cloth. But no, there is such thing as a Minke whale. It was amazing to see them in their natural habitat, even if they were swimming far from the boat and making us work to spot them.

With just enough time, I warmed up with a hot chocolate, sat down and enjoyed the ride back into the harbour.

After a quick stop for lunch, we made our way to the lava tunnel, Raufarhólshellir, one of the longest and best-known lava tubes in Iceland. It was an opportunity to witness the inner lava tube of a volcanic eruption, as you walk in the path of lava that flowed during an eruption, which happened thousands of years ago. It was fascinating and a little scary, we witnessed the first pure darkness in the tube, since arriving in Iceland.

With some unforgettable experiences already occurring, I was excited to see what was in store for the next full day.

Here are some of my favourite snaps from day 3 📍🇮🇸📸:


Soph x

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