June was been a crazy month, and it’s not slowing down anytime soon. July is about to get a little crazier. This month I’m flying to Paris, to spend a weekend in the happiest place on earth – Disneyland Paris.

I’m a Disney fan, and this isn’t my first visit to DLP but this year I will get to experience something different. On the 5th, 6th and 7th of July Disneyland hosts the Electroland event during the evenings, in the Walt Disney Studios Park. Electroland is a music festival, where DJ’s join up to create a spectacular music event, whilst projections are mapped onto the Hollywood Tower of Terror ride building.

This will be my first time attending this event, and I am super excited to experience something completely out of the ordinary for Disney. To dance, enjoy the music, ride rides, have a little drink – what more could I want? This year’s Electroland theme is ‘jungle’ and I’ve been thinking about what outfits to put together.

I will be catching a flight to Paris, and hopping on the train to Disney, but I will only be taking my cabin case so that I can whiz in and out of the airport without hanging around too much. As I’m only there for 3 days it seems a little excessive to take anymore. When packing for a trip, I like to section out my belongings and group them – I find this helps me to ensure I only pack what I need. For this trip I have grouped items into 4 main areas:

1. Toiletries/Makeup and Glitter

2. Disney day outfits

3. Electroland outfits

4. Accessories

With little luggage allowance, planning outfits makes it much easier for me when it comes to packing. So I put pen to paper and make a list.


⁃ passport

⁃ purse

⁃ mini backpack for use in the parks

⁃ head phones

⁃ makeup/toiletries (in liquids bag)

⁃ phone and camera

Cabin case

⁃ sun dresses

⁃ denim shorts

⁃ bodysuits

⁃ cami tops

⁃ sandals

⁃ pjs/underwear

⁃ hair stylers

⁃ GetGlitz face gems (for Electroland)

⁃ 2 x Minnie ears




Soph x

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