Day 2.

Wake up call: 7:45am.

Breakfast: 8:30am.

Weary eyed, we slowly rolled out of bed and ready for our second day in Disneyland. We had crammed so much stuff into Day 1, with the excitement of travelling and the heat in Paris, I woke up feeling as though I had been ‘hit by a bus’ (as the saying goes, my body simply ached). I needed to get a ‘cuppa’ and some breakfast to kick start the day.

We wanted to go with the flow, and we spent some more time wandering the park and getting on some rides. Entering the Disneyland Parc for the second time felt even more exciting; the smell of freshly baked treats flowed past as we walked again down Mainstreet USA. For all its beauty, and for all the magic, the smell of the fresh baked food will always be my favorite thing. What can I say? I love food.

Towards the castle and close to Casey’s Corner, Poo Bear was meeting and greeting – of course, we had to get a few photos with him. In all honesty, I nearly melted whilst waiting in the queue. I looked like a sweaty mess in the photos. It was 29 degrees at about 9:30am – It was complete madness.

Next on the agenda was to get some drinks, buy Mickey shaped treats and to find a prime spot by the castle to watch the Jungle Book Jive for the second time. We only caught glimpses of it during day 1 and we were keen to experience it in full. I love watching these types of Disney shows, the music is always catchy, it is always a feel-good show and you get to see the characters parading around. What more could you want?

Re-charged, we made our way to Frontierland to pick up fast passes for Big Thunder Mountain. Whilst we waited for our ride time, we wandered through Adventureland (where I got a high five from the Genie as he passed by) and made our way into Fantasyland. We waited in the line for the carousel and met the Queen of Hearts. By this time, the sun was strong and it felt like the temperature was rising even more. Finally, it was time to ride Big Thunder Mountain (the wildest ride in the wilderness), a relief as I could catch the breeze as we whizzed around the track.

We had a full day of walking and decided to head back to thehotel to take a break, get refreshed and get ready for dinner at The SilverSpur and for Electroland night 2.

CrohnsWithMe – top five tips for staying safe in the sun (especially on a theme park holiday):

  1. Top up your sun cream; keep a travel-sized bottle in your bag so that you have it to hand.
  2. Hydrate; use the water fountains or buy bottles of water but make sure you keep hydrated.
  3. Pack light; take a smaller bag into the park,you will not pack much stuff and your bag will be easy to carry around all day.
  4. Get some rest breaks. You might be on holiday but been in direct sun all day can be tiring, do not burn yourself out.
  5. Embrace it. Have fun and make those memories count.

Here are my favourite snaps from day 2🏰📸:


Soph x


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