Night 1: 5th July 2019

Night 2: 6th July 2019

I have been looking forward to writing about this part of my recent Disney trip. Electroland was the main reason for visiting Disney this year, this was also my first music festival abroad and a chance to experience something new.

First, let me begin by explaining what Electroland is. It is a music event held in the Walt Disney Studios Park in Disneyland Paris. A stage is set up in front of the Hollywood Tower of Terror ride, just beside the entrance hall, and DJ’s play their sets each night. The event is open from 8pm – 2am, with DJ sets played from 9pm. Electroland runs for 3 nights (Fri-Sun) but I only attended night 1 and night 2 as I was flying back home on the Sunday.

Yes, a rave in Disney. It was an incredible thing to experience. 2019 was the third edition and they have already announced the dates for 2020. It took me by surprise that they had world famous DJ’s playing, their sets were full of the best mixed songs and the fact that this was all happening inside Disneyland. What more can I say?

DJ’s playing on night 1:

The Magician
Steve Aoki

DJ’s playing on night 2:

B Jones
Jax Jones
Nicky Romero

To add to the already exciting shows, we were able to ride a few of the roller coasters during the evening. As this was a ticketed event, it meant there were no wait times and we were able to ride Rock n Roller, Hollywood Tower of Terror and Crush’s Coaster multiple times. With plenty of food and drink stalls available, it was easy to get a drink and to re-charge a little.

It was the craziest feeling, to be dancing and singing along to music, with confetti cannons going off, with the stage lights dancing and to see the projections onto the Hollywood Tower of Terror ride building. I danced both nights away, I haven’t had so much fun in a long time.

I love festivals and I have been to a couple in the UK, but they also make me nervous. For me and with having Crohn’s, I hate overthinking about access to bathrooms (I am not a porta-loo fan), overthinking about being de-hydrated, overthinking about the weather and what I am going to wear, to make me as comfortable as possible. But with Electroland, I didn’t have to worry. We had comfortable accommodation on the Disney property and the bathrooms were accessible and with no queue. As an evening event, there was plenty of time to eat, hydrate and get ready. I felt extremely relaxed and I enjoyed the weekend much more than I think I would have done otherwise.

Night 1 outfit: Bodysuit, shorts and trainers

Glitter by GetGlitz

Night 2 outfit: Playsuit and trainers

Face Gems by GetGlitz

Here are my favourite snaps from my Electroland experience🏰📸:


Soph x

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