I’m Sophie, outside of my normal 9-5 I’m a full-time Crohn’s fighter, part-time explorer (I’m always trying to fit in a trip whenever I can) and of course the creator of CrohnsWithMe.

At age 11, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and having gone through a few bad flare ups, changes in diet and some medication switches, I now feel comfortable in myself. My Crohn’s is under control (at the moment) and I am in tune with my body, I know what the warning signs are. It’s been a long road but it has made me into the person I am today.

Anyone who knows me, knows I am feisty, confident and hey, a little bit stubborn too. But one thing is for sure – Crohn’s will never stop me doing the things I love.

And on that last note, this is how CrohnsWithMe was born.

In recent years, I have begun to travel more often for work. It’s exciting, I always have new opportunities but it can also be stressful. If I travel too much, if I’m on the go too often, if I don’t have a rest day – I find myself on the verge of a potential flare. For me, this is frustrating, I want to network, do more meetings, and see more places. But I also know that I have to take it easy, I can’t push to hard. I have searched and searched for tips/tricks to help ease the stress of travel but there isn’t a specific answer. Therefore, CrohnsWithMe was built to provide a space to note these experiences, my tips, my tricks – the things that work for me. In turn I hope that it provides inspiration, to get yourself out of your comfort zone – life is too precious to hold back.

It’s all about making life’s adventures simpler.


Soph x

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