I’ve been lacking on the blog front recently and the truth is I’ve been really overwhelmed. I’ve been recovering from my trips earlier in the summer and also preparing for my most recent visit to America. On top of that, I’ve been working, trying to keep up with my house work, and of course see friends! I literally feel like I don’t have enough hours in the day – but I’m not complaining. I have had a crazy few months but they have been full of opportunity.

For my most recent adventure, I traveled to America for internal meetings, to visit our global offices in New York and in San Francisco. As well as to catch up with some friends. I am so lucky to have been able to do this trip – this was my first time in both cities and it was incredible.

I traveled on my own and in the following series of posts I will go into more detail about what I got up to in the week. But, to begin I have been reflecting on my solo trip. It has taught me a few things about myself:


Living with a chronic illness, for me, I often feel like I’m relying on people. Whether it’s my doctors, nurses and consultants or my friends and family. When I’m in a flare, I hate to admit it but I can’t do it all on my own. Yet, travelling solo was a breath of fresh air. I felt fully independent, I was it alone, it was scary but an amazing feeling.


I have to admit, when I landed in JFK I got a little lost finding my way to the Uber pick up point. It was scary, I was in a different country alone. But as soon as I made it onto Manhattan, my fears disappeared. The further I walked, the more I explored, the more confident I felt.


When I write kindness, I am referring to the fact that there are some really good people out there. Not every stranger is sour faced as you walk past them. It took my by surprise just how many people smiled at me as I walked past them, and how many people asked if I needed directions because apparently I looked so lost. So many commented that my accent was ‘cute’ and after a short conversation about where I come from, they told me to ‘have a great day’. I really thought that, New Yorkers in particular, were just like how us brits, head down on a mission and not wanting to talk to anyone. But how wrong was I?!

Some of my favourite photos were taken in New York and I have inserted these below! Enjoy 📸:


Soph x

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