To follow on from my last instalment in the travel edit, I thought I would provide a little more context and write a little bit about the reason for my trip across the Atlantic.

For work, I am a Customer Success Manager, and in a nutshell this is an account manager role. I look after a book of customer accounts, build out relationships and manage contracts. It is something I enjoy, mainly because I get to meet, and speak to lots of people from all walks of life. I like to get a little more personal than simply talking to my clients on a business level, for me it is about building relationships – at the end of the day, people buy from people. I can really be myself and some of my best meetings have been over a cup of tea, sometimes with the odd biscuit thrown in.

In addition, I am now an advocate for our annual ‘voice of the customer’ survey. Each year, we send out a feedback form and the insights we get from this enable us to build on conversations, to change and adapt our services.

Bear with me here, I know this all sounds a little boring to some. However, I might be a Customer Success Manager, but I’m a Customer Success Manager for an innovative global business. Which presents so many opportunities for development – but more interestingly for me, to travel. The business offered an incentive for last year’s ‘voice of the customer’, which ultimately I won as I got the most responses back from my customer base. The prize? You guessed it, to travel to visit the offices in New York and in San Francisco.

During my trip, I attended internal meetings and spoke to my US colleagues about this year’s ‘voice of the customer’. It’s not all doom and gloom of work though, I did get some time to explore. This was an incentive after all.

In the next series of posts, I write about my time in NYC andin SF. Stay tuned.


Soph x

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