I’ve been wanting to write about this since my return from my last trip. However, I don’t want to seem as though I am ‘showing off’ because business travel is HARD work. It’s not all the glamour of jetting off to incredible places, sight seeing, a break away. It is longer days, adjusting to new time zones and working within other time zones. It’s rushing from the airport to the office. Yes it is exciting but it’s also exhausting.

In fact last night, Winnie Harlow posted a picture of her sleeping on a flight – her flight had been cancelled, she hadn’t slept in 4 days due to global work commitments. Yes, that is 4 days, 96 hours. She managed to get a flight that would get her to her next shoot just in time, but it was an economy seat. Did she moan – no. She got on with it, got herself some sleep and more importantly made it to her next shoot. But that is certainly tough, after no proper sleep. I wouldn’t be able to function.

Now, after experiencing a business class seat on a flight, I can vouch for why they can be so important when you are on a long haul flight and have work commitments.

I am very lucky to have been able to fly business class with Aer Lingus to New York and back home from San Francisco. My internal flight, also business was with Delta. This was my first experience of business class and I can not deny that I was excited. The thought of getting a bed, a blanket and space was so overwhelming. But honestly, more importantly for me was the thought of being in a much smaller cabin with less people. Because that meant 1 thing for me – a much smaller pool of people to contend with when it was time to use the toilet! I’m always so unlucky on a flight, in that when I need to use the bathroom there is always a queue of 10 or more in front of me! IBD problems hey!

In all of the perks that you get with a business class ticket on the flight itself, you also get some really helpful extras to get you through the airport. Let’s start at the beginning.

Security fast track

Once checked in, you will notice that your boarding pass says ‘priority boarding’, this also gives you access to the fast track queue through security. For me, going through Heathrow it was the best thing. Within 10 minutes I was scanned, bag checked and through into departures. No stress at all.

Priority boarding

Be one of the first on the plane and one of the first off the plane. Honestly, one of the things I hate is when everyone is cramming in the queue at the boarding gate – pushing and shoving. So to be called up first to board is a relief to get out of the madness at the gate.

Help to your seat

My bag was quite heavy, as I was only carrying hand luggage. One of the flight attendants kindly asked if I would like help with putting my bag into the overhead locker and to hang my coat up. I could resist. With that, I sat down and enjoyed a small glass of champagne.

All of the above was the same story for my return flight from SFO. But it was on this flight that I really noticed the difference. I’ve done overnight flights before, twice from America and trying to get sleep in an economy seat is not an easy task. I always get a stiff neck, can’t get comfortable and have disturbed sleep.

So what did I enjoy the most?


Sleep, sleep, sleep. Having a lay flat bed was a game changer. As soon as I had eaten, I put my bed down, my eye mask on and got approx 7 hours of good sleep.


I didn’t have a tray that descends from the seat in front and that blocks the space. I had get a little side table and a fold away tray and could enjoy space to move easier.

Cleaner facilities

Because there were less people in this section of the cabin, the bathroom area was much cleaner. The cabin itself was much cleaner and I felt much more relaxed.

I always try to do everything I possibly can to eliminate the stress of airports and of flights. But flying business did this for me on a whole new level.

Don’t get me wrong, i’m grateful to have the ability to travel, to holiday, to fly. I don’t mind flying at all but I cannot deny it’s very uncomfortable! I can only imagine how much of a zombie I would have felt after my recent work trip had I flown economy. I’m aware that I probably won’t be flying business again anytime soon but this experience has really given me to motivation to work harder so that I can enjoy this experience again.

Have you ever flown business? Let me know how you found it.


Soph x

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