Wake up call: 9am

Breakfast: 10am

Activity: shopping

I will be real with you, I’m a little bit of a shopping addict. I guess consumerism is kind of my thing. So how could I not visit the Champs Elysees? One of the worlds famous commercial streets. Champs Elysees means “Elysian Fields”, which indicates that someone thinks it is heaven on earth. Getting the chance to walk by the designer boutiques, especially during fashion week was a dream.

I’ve resigned to the fact that I will probably never be able to buy the channel bag, or the YSL dress that I want but it doesn’t stop me having admiration for some of these brands.

As we walked from our hotel, we crossed the Siene and strolled past Gucci, Hermes, YSL and Louis Vuitton before we hit Champs Elysees. There were a few super cars driving around, it was pretty cool to see and to experience.

I was in my element. Starting at the top, by Arc de Triomphe we explored the length of the street. Popping in shops, buying a few treats and taking in the grandeur of the street. My favourite thing was finally getting to try macaroons from Laduree – just incredible.

Day 3 was fairly relaxed. This was our downtime and we made the most of it, taking our time, simply enjoying the time.

I love a city break and 2019 has been the year of the city break from Paris, to Reykjavík, to New York and San Francisco. But the irony is – you don’t get much of a break. There is so much to do and see, it can be really overwhelming. I will be completely honest and say that I always exhaust myself because put this pressure on to do everything. While you should dedicate time to sightseeing you should always dedicate time to relax too.

Top tips for city break comfort:

1. Always stay hydrated

2. Plan in plenty of rest stops

3. This should go without saying but wear comfortably shoes

4. Only take what you need in a small and lightweight bag

5. Ease up on the pressure to see everything and simply enjoy

Here are a few shots from day 3📸:


Soph x

Insta: @crohnswithme

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