In my last entry into the Wedding Edit series I mentioned that I had booked, and paid deposits for some of the main areas of the wedding. Another chunk of the budget has been set aside for our rings. Now, i’m a jewellery lover and I can’t deny that I’ve always wanted a diamond band to give a little extra sparkle and last weekend was dedicated to finding the perfect companion to my engagement ring.

Sam, to my surprise, designed and customised my engagement ring. I really didn’t give him enough credit. I really thought he would pick a ring from a shop window, and be done with it. Such a ‘man’ thing to do right? I would have been happy with whatever he had chosen, but it was made so much more special to me to know that he has put lots of thought into the band, the setting, the diamond. It still makes me emotional to this day!

He designed my ring in the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham and we knew that we wanted to pick our rings from the same shop. It is the little memories like this that I treasure. We made a day of it, spent time deliberating over rings and afterwards grabbed some lunch – it was a lovely little day to remember.

Let me just say this, ring shopping is not easy! I thought that this would be a stress free day, get to try on a few wedding bands, pick the ones and head home. Well, I can not deny that we had a great day but… wedding ring shopping is just as stressful as everything else! I personally put this down to the sheer amount of choice, and then you add the possibility of customisation… well, it’s all very overwhelming.

There are styles to think about – plain or diamond.

There are settings to think about – claw set or channel set.

There is the metal to think about – gold, white gold, platinum.

Then you need to think about what sits well with your engagement ring.

There are always a couple of rings that you just cannot chose between.

You also need to pick your partner’s band, because in my case, Sam didn’t have a clue nor did he really care to much about the style of his.

I apologise if I make this seem all doom and gloom, its not, I am just getting real with you. The definite amount of choice is what threw me off, personally. It was a lot of fun to stand at the counter, mesmerised by the glitz as the light bounces off the diamonds set in the rings. Just gorgeous.

Finally, after some deliberation we picked our bands. They are on order and they are paid for. Can I hear a hoorah? 

I cannot wait to share the designs with you, but for now I will keep them under wraps.

What style ring would you choose?


Soph x

Insta: @crohnswithme

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