I have been out and about a lot lately, doing lots of Christmas shopping and enjoying the festivities. I love travelling at Christmas because I love the warm feeling you get at Christmas markets, even when it’s so ironically cold outside.

I love sipping hot chocolates, shopping and buying presents. But with this comes an amount of physical stress to deal with, often leading to more flare ups and often means I have to cut days short.

Here are 5 things to do to make festive travel easier on yourself:

1. Head out earlier.

Christmas means that people are out in hundreds, and in thousands shopping and enjoying the festivities. Often getting caught in crowds can add to a stressful situation. Getting out early before everyone else makes the time much more pleasant.

2. Pack water (and snacks).

Be prepared, stay hydrated.

3. Take plenty of rest breaks.

My favourite is finding out a quiet cafe somewhere to have a yummy hot chocolate.

4. Take travel heat pads.

If like me your stomach starts cramping without a moments notice, small heat patches really make a difference. They provide some pain relief and ensure I can continue – so that I don’t have to cut the day short.

5. Get yourself a sunflower lanyard or equivalent.

The sunflower lanyards are now recognised in most places in the U.K. and slowly are recognised globally. Have one to hand should you require help, access to a bathroom or just to sit down. It will mean you can do so without much explanation.

Think about yourselves and your health as you head out post Christmas and into the New Year. Continue creating new memories and enjoying life. Make yourself a priority.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a healthy New Year.


Soph x

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